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Steepletone products never go out of style and they are definitely a must-have for people who love all things vintage. If you love the retro vibe and have been seeking for products to add to your home or to give to a friend, then this is the best place to be. We have a wide array of vintage style products that you’ll surely enjoy checking out.

What we recommend is for you to browse our best-selling Steepletone products – from vintage jukebox and music systems, to nostalgic telephones that will surely enchant you and your guests.

Starting with the Steepletone USB Norwich Dark or Light record player, collectors and enthusiasts love its reminiscent look and elegant wood finish. It plays vinyl records and has MW-FM radio, as well an MP3 playback for a modern touch.

Our Steepletone Memphis Black or Silver turntable is a great product for those who love old classical tunes and late night music listening. It is a great music system with a touch of old and new, thanks to its features such as MP3 recording, CD and cassette, as well as a DAB radio.

For those who love retro, the Steepletone SMC922 BT 5-in-1 music system is a combination of stylish look with a modern flair. Its modern features will surely delight even the younger generations, for it can play music on CD and Bluetooth playback, as well as on semi-automatic 3-speed turntable with auto-stop switch.

If you want the same vibe of the SMC922 BT, but want a more compact music system, check out our Steepletone SMC386 CBT. It is also a 5-in-1 music player with tape and MP3/USB-SD recording capability. It is both classic and modern in looks and features, respectively.

For nostalgia-lovers, the Steepletone Lancaster Dark or Lightis the best product to have. The classic look and feel of this 5-in-1 music player is perfect for a classy living room or study. But its modern features such as CD burner, MP3 playback, and LCD display delivers the type of music-listening to any modern collector.

A great way to listen to your favorite 60’s or 70’s rock music is through the Steepletone Touch Rock 50 Jukebox. This retro jukebox has that vintage look and feel, but its features and ultra modern sound will surely make you dance to your favorite tune. It has a CD, DVD/video, Bluetooth playback, and iPod/iPad dock.

Another great product that can grace your music room is the Steepletone Encode CD Rock Zero 50 TWO NEW ENCODE Retro Jukebox CD MP3 USB. This is one of the best products to have if you love the look and feel of classic jukebox and the crisp sound that modern audio systems have to offer. This is the perfect product for those who love both classic looks and modern audio-listening features of CDs, CDRs/CDRWs, and MP3 players.

Steepletone is not just all about music systems. You will find a collection of telephones that will remind you of the belle epoch, the great nostalgic era of beauty and inventions. However, Steepletone Nostalgic Telephones provide a dual purpose and that’s to delight with classic look and feel, and modern features that are convenient and familiar. These phones come in stylish dark wood finish in both wood and veneer.

We hope you enjoy these products at a glance. But make sure to check out our entire Steepletone collection to know more about them.

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