Environmental Practices Policy

UK Jukeboxes is a responsible retailer and we hold ourselves to some very strict standards of operation. As a point, we want to minimize our impact on the environment and the world around us. We take environmental issues very seriously and realize that our business must never lead a larger than necessary footprint on our planet.

We use responsible manufacturing techniques to ensure our environmental impact is low. From our suppliers and manufacturers to our warehouse facilities and shippers, we strive to utilize only the most environmentally friendly companies available. This, combined with our own in-house energy efficiency experts, makes up a very important part of our business plan. UK Jukeboxes even goes so far as minimizing our carbon footprint by consolidating supply and delivery shipments when possible.

How Our Delivery Practices Help the Environment

UK Jukeboxes offers our customers world-renowned delivery services to ensure that their orders arrives quickly and safely. Every day, we ship orders all over the world and utilize only the industry’s most environmentally responsible carriers. Our carriers are efficient, compliant with all environmental regulations in their field and are dedicated to exceeding all environmental good practice standards.

UK Jukeboxes prides itself on continually delivering quality and value to our customers, staff and partnering vendors; this collaboration is enhanced by our commitment to protecting the environment.

Our Local Warehouses and the World Around Us

By improving our delivery standards, we have effectively streamlined our warehousing practices to incorporate and environmentally sound structure to them as well. Through the storage and packaging of our products to the final shipping containers, UK Jukeboxes works hard to reduce the amount on unnecessary plastics and cardboard materials. You will find that your shipment will still arrive undamaged and packed safely in our recycled material containers.

UK Jukeboxes recycles ALL of our shipping waste and ensure that our new packaging is made from recycled materials as well. Recycling is and important aspect of our warehouse division and we feel that every small effort leads to something big for our environment.

WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The newest directive brought about by legislation focuses on consumer electronics and the amount of waste they incur. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive was designed to reduce this waste and offer viable alternatives to the disposal and recycling of electronic waste. Many of our products fall into the consumer electronics category and we ensure that every measure is taken to dispose properly of or recycle any electronic equipment that doesn’t meet our stringent standards.

Any products deemed unusable by UK Jukeboxes is shipped to specialized recycling centers where they are handled and disposed of with care by trained specialists.
Throughout every phase of our business, we stand by our commitment to protect the environment and help make the world a better place.

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